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Campaign Name Change

In the past it was possible to rename a campaign before starting the first synchronization only. Afterwards, changing the hierarchy and editing the campaign name was not possible any more. The only thing you could change was the name of the group in PPC Bee. But not in AdWords or Sklik.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Sep 27, 2016
When duplicating ad groups in PPC Bee, the name could be changed. But it was not possible to keep the history of that group. Occasionally somebody renamed the campaign in AdWords, and then mischief started. Fortunately, this mess is all over.

We have adjusted some settings

The entire change lies in the new option to edit hierarchy even after you run the synchronization. Campaigns are thus still renamed in PPC Bee. However, if by chance you edit its name in AdWords, after syncing it changes back to the original name. No duplication, no unexpected changes.


Be sure to re-sync the campaign after the name change so that the new name gets saved where it belongs.

Just to remind you, we’d like to point out that when naming campaigns: you can categorize them for example by brands. Just add the appropriate variable (_brand_) to the campaign name and see how the account structure changes accordingly in the preview on the right. When naming product groups, product ID must be kept in the name of the product for product identification. However, you can also add e.g. _productname_ for better orientation in products.


Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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