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Blacklist Keywords

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Just like fashion, the appearance of PPC Bee has also changed over time. Unlike fashion, however, PPC Bee changes always for the better. This time you can find a new tab Blacklist within the Organization section.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Mar 15, 2017
The Blacklist tab is located next to Users, Linked Accounts, Payments and Sub-Organization. Blacklist keywords is essentially a field for keywords for which you do not want to advertise. Generating ads is, however, disabled only for the exact word spelling.

What is it good for? Maybe you want to prevent PPC Bee from generating too general keywords. They can turn out to be a pretty penny but all talk, no action. In contrast, the goal of PPC Bee is to make you sit on a goldmine.

It works pretty simply:
  1. Type the exact form of the keyword for which you do not want to advertise in the text box.*7RbGxueIw07ALyFf.png*7RbGxueIw07ALyFf.png

    WARNING! The spelling of the keyword must be absolutely identical with the keyword that you want to exclude, including the letter case and punctuation. For example, if you type:
    Monster High oživené príšerka into the Blacklist, then your ad will still be displayed for monster high oživené príšerka keyword.

    Separate individual keywords using commas.

    2. Click to save.

    3. Have it generated (button Check). In the preview, you can verify that the keywords on the Blacklist are not generated.*1g6nPUttQp9H3FkC.png*1g6nPUttQp9H3FkC.png

    As always, we encourage you to try a new function and let us know how you like it.

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