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Working with Variables

For good product advertising, the key is to create ads that are the most tailored for each product. And so we are extracting the so-called variables from your feed and playing with them: supplementing, cutting shorter, sometimes adding a regular expression. Variables are one of the charms that make the resulting campaigns more powerful and working with PPC Bee more efficient. Variables in PPC Bee are of two types: text and numeric.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Mar 28, 2017
Text Variables

are product information downloaded from a data feed. They are specific to each product and updated daily in PPC Bee. Product names in the feed are not always in a form which can be used in an ad or keyword. Therefore, in PPC Bee there are “custom text variables” which you can define yourself and build just like playing with Lego.*SFD0j9hLeGo5ykCg.png*SFD0j9hLeGo5ykCg.png

An example of one of the predefined variables from the data feed

What functions does PPC Bee offer to modify the feed and what can be defined by your own variable?

You can remove:
  • Accents
  • Duplicate words in the name
  • Punctuation
  • Stop-words (conjunctions, prepositions, etc.)

Another option is cutting down
  • The number of words [recommend 3–5 words. Specific product names tend to be longer, but no more than five words (only rarely).];
The number of characters (we recommend a maximum of 35–40 characters.)*Ls3xkEIzU9hvvA2T.png*Ls3xkEIzU9hvvA2T.png

You can also play around with resizing fonts*GkuOAY97FS57ibOn.png*GkuOAY97FS57ibOn.png

Using Prefix and Suffix

If the above adjustments to feed are still not enough for you, we have something extra! You can enrich your custom variable and add your own words or variable from the feed. With no limits to quantity. Just choose if you wish to add a word before (prefix) or after (suffix) your custom variable or at both positions at once.*qL6eU1yDVIyTXgte.png*qL6eU1yDVIyTXgte.png

You can use the prefix and suffix together*tGAOsQdcPbrFwIF_.png*tGAOsQdcPbrFwIF_.png

Find and Replace

You can replace:
  • A text with another text
  • A text with nothing (the selected text is deleted)
  • Select and delete unwanted text using RegExp (regular expressions — see our article on the blog)

Let’s look at a specific example. Imagine a “product name” in the feed in the following form:*XZqs8r56QAeTmVuj.png*XZqs8r56QAeTmVuj.png

But we don’t like the form of the product name which should be inserted into the advertisement. We want to remove the numbers, dashes and replace the English “dolls” with Czech “panenky”. What can we do about it?*Ah7P7QecaYhF1dZh.png*Ah7P7QecaYhF1dZh.png

  1. Using the \d RegExp remove the numbers from the feed
  2. Insert a dash in the first box and leave the second box blank (dash is replaced with nothing)
  3. In the first line, insert the word Dolls that we want to replace. In the second line insert the word panenky which will be inserted instead of dolls.

This bit of magic is enough to get a product name usable for adverts.*u20zpQBu6lj7lbke.png*u20zpQBu6lj7lbke.png

In the top line you see your result. The bottom line is a preview of the original product name.

This way you can also remove the brand from the name.

Working with the product name free of the brand will then be pleasant without having to worry about problems with trademarks.*qoZfx-QRZoFaWGTs.png*qoZfx-QRZoFaWGTs.png

In the preview, you can see how the brands were removed from the name.

Be careful not to become so enthusiastic about modifying that your product name remains too general.

Custom Numeric Variables

are used primarily to modify the unsatisfactory appearance of numbers in the feed:

You can round off, increase and decrease the price or “delivery_date”, or even add the missing VAT, see example:

Insert the _pricemin_ variable into the “custom variable” box, multiply it by the sum of VAT (21%) and 100% divided by 100: _pricemin_*(21+100/100). You get the following formula: _pricemin_*1,21

Besides the original values (bottom line in light gray), you see a preview of your final variables plus VAT (top row) in the right column.*FLPpjqYQVNhP44Bq.png*FLPpjqYQVNhP44Bq.png

Nevertheless, you can create much more using numeric variables:

Do you find “price for the product and delivery time” in your feed a little dull? Would you like to highlight in the advertisement (for some products) how many % of the price your client will save? Simply use a numeric variable.

Enter a formula and a variable to subtract % of the price (100%) in the “Input text” box: _pricemin_ / (100-discount) * 100 — _pricemin_

For example, if you have a 20 % discount, specify:

_pricemin_ / (100–20) * 100 — _pricemin_

The result then differs depending on the value of pricemin.*yjAoIpmgNEPxjvom.png*yjAoIpmgNEPxjvom.png

There are many examples of how to use variables. Every client has different needs. Are you confused? Contact us and we will advise you specifically for your situation.

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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