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Smart Display Is Becoming Display, and Other App-Related News

Google has been going through changes over the past few months. Meaning, our app needs to change as well. Learn what’s going on with us and what you can look forward to!
Marek Turnhöfer
| 31. 8. 2022

Smart Display campaigns are(n’t) coming to an end

One of the two big things Google has in store for PPC users—Google Smart Display campaigns are being replaced with standard Display campaigns. This change will make it easier for you to find a compromise between ad automation and manual settings. From now on you can just kick your feet up—Google will take care of stuff for you. Read about the benefits here.

Campaigns will be automatically transitioned in PPC Bee

All original functions and data will remain unchanged. Everything will keep working as it did before. In the app, your campaigns will be listed as Display campaigns.

Targeting by country or language

Targeting by country or language is a basic requirement of Display campaigns. We didn’t want to deprive you of this functionality, and so we’ve implemented it directly in the app.

Filtering by ad system

You, our clients, are to be thanked for this one as it was you who told us that being able to filter your ad reports by ad system would make working with the app easier for you. Wish granted—now you can filter out your ETA for Google and Microsoft much easier and delete them.


We’ve made data loading easier to navigate

The so-called Loading Skeleton Screen is now displayed during loading. What does it mean? When a substantial amount of data is being loaded, we’ll show you only a basic animated chart structure, with the data to be subsequently filled in. This tells you your chart is being loaded and which data (images, text) will be shown. It may sound complicated but isn’t. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

New templates in the Image editor

Not just today but on a regular basis. The increasingly popular Image editor is getting more functions and new templates. The latter especially will save you lots of time when it comes to thinking up new visuals, and will differentiate your ads from those of your competitors. Don’t be shy, take a peek behind the curtain.

And that’s it. Big things have happened and more are coming. Do you think the app would benefit from another functionality? We hear you. Shoot us an email at support@ppcbee.com, perhaps your functionality will appear in PPC Bee soon. 

Marek Turnhöfer
Editor PPC Bee
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