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Evaluate the performance of your ads effectively with ad text labels

In the latest version of the app, we fulfilled the wishes of several of our clients who came up with the suggestion to add the possibility of labeling ad texts. Therefore, it’s now possible to use the name of the ad text generator as its label. The following lines will tell you what the feature is good for and how to use it.
Which ads perform better? The ones with the price mentioned, or those with the availability? With the nearest date of the trip, or with the discount? One thing is to test creatives, the other is to evaluate them easily and effectively.

With the new functionality, you can add a label to each variant of your ad text containing its name, which you will then see in Google Ads reports. The label can be added for expanded text ads, responsive ads, and dynamic search ads. Just click the button next to the generator name field.

In Google Ads, the label of the ad will look like this:
Before we get to the actual labeling and evaluation of advertisements, let us briefly go through what PPC Bee has to offer when creating ad texts.

Keep your ads up-to-date
About a month ago we visited Brno, where Petra Pacáková represented us at the PPC na stojáka event. In her presentation on travel automation, she spoke, among other things, about the fact that everything you have in your data feed can be automatically copied to your ad texts thanks to PPC Bee.

If your feed contains the price, the discount, the availability, or any other competitive advantage, you can include these parameters in your ad text. If any information changes, the ad text is updated after synchronization. And with Ad Customizers, you don't have to worry about losing your ad text's quality score - instead of pausing the ad text and creating a new one, the information will be updated in the existing one.

Tailored ad texts for each product category
Conditions are also present in ad text generators. The conditions allow you to easily choose which products in your campaign you want to generate the ad text for. Let’s say you offer free shipping for items over 50 EUR and want to communicate this benefit in your ad. Set a condition that the price must be greater than 50. This will ensure that ads in which you have free shipping information will only be generated for items above that amount.

At the same time, it is possible that this condition has left items in the campaign for which no ad text is generated. And because PPC Bee keeps an eye on the ad text hierarchy for you, you don't have to worry about forgetting these items. The app will automatically notify you of how many items for which no ad is generated that are currently in the campaign, and will guide you to create ads for the remaining products.

Evaluate the performance of your ads easily with labels
Now, we are finally getting to our latest functionality. When testing creatives, it's important to distinguish between the main messages of the ads. Take travel agency advertisements as an example - one variant emphasizes low prices and the other near dates. 

If you make a clear distinction between advertisements, name them appropriately, and label them; it will be much easier for you to evaluate them.

Just as easily, you can prepare ads in advance, for example, for various discount seasons, such as Black Friday, Christmas, etc. Thanks to the possibility of setting time restrictions, just create ads in advance, don’t forget to add the label, and then all you have to do is evaluate them afterward.


Do you have any wishes we could fulfill?
As we mentioned in the introduction, we have implemented this functionality at the request of some of our clients, and we are always open to new ideas that will make your daily work easier. So if you have any improvement in mind, please contact us at support@ppcbee.com. We will then go through the idea, and maybe you will soon find it in the app! :) 

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